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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Welcome to Raffles Hall Alumni Blog!!!

Dear all,

First, let me welcome everyone to in this new virtual noticeboard for Raffles Hall Alumni or I should call you all tRHex...=P

Let me first touch on the objective of having this blog. The main purpose of the blog will be as noticeboard for alumni and also as a platform of ideas exchange in the shootout box. This is to enable us, the residents of RH to get to know what alumni think in the fastest way and most fashionable way...=P

Previously we are using yahoo group but it seems not that effective as alumni don't really response in the group itself but no worry, I will still supervise and post in the yahoo group. Hopefully this blog will serve the communication purpose better in that sense. There is a chinese saying, 'we can't clap with one hand'. I totally agree with that and of course response from alumni can be very encouraging for me and my team (Alumni Affair Committee).

Blog will be a very informal way to communicate. Hopefully everyone is like this way. We will try to update everything that is going to happen in hall here 1 month in advance so that the tRHex will be able to know and join the event if you all can.

Personally, I really like Mr. Lim Eng Hai's idea of tRHex.... well, I am now one too...lolx... Thanks a lot for people like Mr. Lim Eng Hai, Prof Lim Kwanghui, Mr. Adam Awyong, Mr. Wong Fu Onn and many more in making alumni and residents connection more possible. I really appreciate they effort in doing whatever within their means. And also thanks for the encouragement. =)

To me, alumni affair committee is not just a hall activity. It is more of personal passion that putting alumni and residents into the picture of Raffles Hall as HOME. Without alumni, there is no RH as it is going to be a place to sleep only. To me personally, because of RH, I learned a lot of things...I picked up handball in RH (3 cheers to handball...=P) and that is the hall spirit that bond us together. And I hope alumni can really help in putting the spirit into the residents as well because I feel that the passion for hall is dying in the current residents.

Aiya, looks like I talked too much again. Please take this blog as an informal thingy as I will always crack jokes here...knowing or unknowingly...=P After this, my committee member will take over and post things like events update and also IHG result for all the tRHex.

Please feel free to comment on the committee or me if you have anything you wish to say about the way we do things. Feedback is much appreciated. Ok la, I shall stop here... See you all more often in hall in the near future....

what you gonna be.... Rafflesians...=)

Cheah Chen Hai
Alumni Affair MM

(p/s: please take a look at the bottom of this browser... you will see ROAR, ROAR ROAR ROAR...for tRHex... that's is so cute...=P)

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