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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Exams and Holidays are coming!!!

so sorry that i have to make this post without any special message to deliver to the alumni...because the computer committee MM just told me that if I don't post anything then this blog might be closed down... =.='''

well, hmm...just want to wish everyone who will be sitting for their exams all the best!!! (including myself of course) and also enjoy your 3 months holiday...

oh ya, not to forget... any alumni who is interested in coming back, helping out or giving ideas for the RHOC06/07, do send me an e-mail at u0408608@nus.edu.sg. i will convey your message to the RHOC chair or put you in direct connection with her (ya, it's a HER)...

okok, wish all the alumni HAPPY ALWAYS!!! =)

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