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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

NEW!!! Monthly Based Alumni Tea Session

Dear all,

Let me introduce to you all the new monthly based Alumni Tea Session!!! =)

We are going to have informal tea session once in every month to serve as a platform for alumni gathering. There will not be any special program unless being requested. For a better reason for alumni to gather, we will invite specify groups every tea session so that you will know that is for specially you and of course for everyone else as well. So you can expect your friends who share a common 'identity' with you will come back.

The first two groups that will come together will be alumni handball team and alumni choir group. Do come down to meet you fellow friends in handball team and also choir group. As for other alumni, please also come back to check out the handball team and choir group that Raffles Hall always proud of.

Date : 5th November 2006
Time : Tea Time 415pm
Place: Raffles Hall Comm Hall

As a forecast for the upcoming event, we will also have another alumni event - Alumni Sports Carnival during december in conjunction with the IHG training. I will update you all again on the date when the time comes.

I will be looking forward to meet you all on that day. See you then.

Chen Hai

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