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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Raffles Hall Concert 2006

Dear Alumni,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to our annual concert production entitled “Swingers”!

This year, we will be having THREE shows! We therefore seriously urge all alumni to attend this event together. It will be on the 27th and 28th of October (Friday and Saturday) at 7:30 pm for the evening show and 2:30 pm for the matinee. Tickets are priced between S$12 and S$15. To cater to your needs, we have reserved seats especially for you, but even these are limited, so get your tickets as soon as possible!

The summarized details of Concert 2006 are as follows:

Event : Raffles Hall Annual Concert Production 2006 – Swingers!
Venue : University Cultural Centre - NUS
Date : 27th (Friday) & 28th (Saturday) October
Time : 7:30pm for evening show on both days and 2:30pm for Saturday matinee
Ticket Pricing : S$15 for evening show and S$12 for the matinee

Please contact the marketing head, Tan Seow Hwei at 90211696 or u0507497@nus.edu.sg for reservation and purchase of tickets.

Further information can be obtained from the concert website:http://www.raffles.nus.edu.sg/concert0607/

We hope to see you there!

Best wishes,
Gerald Chow
Raffles Hall Concert Producer 2006

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